The Introduction
The Introduction

FREE Introduction to Notice Writing: The essential tool for the community!


In a time of mass testing and injections, more and more people are wanting to fight for their rights, the rights for their sons and daughters, for medical rights and would like to challenge the ‘authorities’ in a powerful way.

Do you wish to learn how to write a notice in order to seek remedy, or to hold others to account for actions they have taken against you? We help you create powerful notices for issues relating to Local Education, Debt, Motoring, Hospital & Care Homes, Police and more!

Do you wish to learn how to write lawful/legal documents to schools or workplaces to get their co-operation and the outcome you want?

Anyone can learn how to write and communicate more powerfully than a legal professional!

The secret to writing a letter is NOT to write a letter! The craft of notice writing is now an essential tool to add to our armour.

What you will learn about on this session:

  • The differences between a notice and a letter
  • The powerful nature of notices
  • How to reply to letters like a legal professional
  • Assert your lawful rights
  • How to deal with legal cases without using the legal system
  • Real life examples
  • Dealing with situations that would otherwise require legal assistance
  • Powerfully communicate with other parties/corporations

Length – 30 mins

Your notice writing journey starts here!

Price: FREE


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