Welcome to The Curriculum
Welcome to The Curriculum

Watch The Foundation Session Here

Have you ever sent out a template letter, received a response and been stuck on what to do next?


Experience the art of notice writing, learn the different components of a powerful notice and have all your questions answered


  • Are you scared of making mistakes?
  • Have you had to deal with legal issues before and it hasn’t gone your way?
  • Did you know that notices are the most effective tool in law?
  • Would you like to respond to letters like a professional?


What will be covered on the course:

  • How to write notices with examples in a classroom style teaching session
  • The layout of notices, types and styles of notices
  • How to set out your terms and conditions
  • Our tried and tested essential notice writing checklist
  • Recent cases and other real life examples


Watch The Advanced Session Here

An in-depth breakdown analysis of a pre-written notice


Watch how the masters skilfully craft notices!


This Advanced course has been designed to provide a practical walk-through on live notice crafting

In order to tackle the ‘template culture’ and provide intensive and focused learning, we teach the secret art of writing powerful notices

This enables each participant or client to learn and take responsibility for their actions and inactions, with the full benefit of support from the lawful masters

Do you wish to experience freedom from stress through life changing practical empowerment?

What will be covered on the course:

  • Sharing notices and success stories from more complex cases
  • Witness a thorough breakdown of a notice written from scratch
  • Advanced notice layouts
  • The essential power words and how to use them
  • Discover the trickery of the legal system and use it to your advantage
  • The importance of remaining in honour