Our T&C's

Lawful Masters

Our T&C's

Lawful Masters

notice of terms of service


you/your = the client, the man, the woman
we/us = the lawful masters

you are responsible for all your actions and inactions.
we are not legally qualified and do not offer legal advice.
all information given is for educational and entertainment purposes only.


we will not divulge that you are a client without your express consent. you are of course free to discuss your contract with anyone at any time.


full payment must be made in advance.
your chosen package starts on receipt of payment.
by entering into a client agreement by paying any amount to the lawful masters you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set out herein.


you agree to consult us before any further communications with the parties involved.
all calls must be booked via the call booking system.
all messages must be sent via your dedicated private telegram (if applicable).


mutual agreement – if at any time whether the client or the lawful masters believe the contract is no longer serving the needs of the client, they may initiate a discussion to rectify the situation prior to cancelling the contract.


the lawful masters reserves the right to change, modify or cancel any contract as considered necessary. any such changes will be made in consultation with the client.
breaching all or part of these conditions immediately renders the contract null and void.